Dear Riders

You are very important to us and as member of Dyride community we value every time you come to our platform and really appreciate that you use our platform to get to your destinations. We are here to make sure we do the most important things to make every ride on our platform a memorable one. Our primary goals are to get you to your destination and do it on time and safely.


Every member of our community is expected to be professional in dealing with each other. As a rider you are expected to be courteous, respectful and professional in dealings with every member of the community from the drivers to other co-riders. Our community can only grow on mutual respect and ability to reciprocate respect with love to one another.


Our community of drivers is seriously vetted and we make sure we have record to ensure they are who they say they are. Our drivers are part of Dyride community and are professional who will do all within their reach to make each trip of yours enjoyable and fun. Our drivers are professionals with family and sense of responsibility for safety and security.


To make sure your trips are successful and reliable we make sure each driver identity is confirmed and trained to deliver excellent service professionalism. You can be sure none of our drivers’ drinks or get drunk behind the wheels. We put effort to make sure that they deliver first class service that will make you want to always come back.

Report Concern

Our platform is designed in such a way that we listen to everyone on our community: either via contact or chat when you log in to your account. We will respond to you almost immediately making sure we address your concern. Either driver or ride related issue we will resolve it as soon as possible, and be sure we are customers oriented community.


Our platform allows you to post ride by inputting your pickup and destination addresses. Once a driver heading to your destination is selected you are prompted to payment page where you confirm your rides with your payment.

Fare Charges

Each fair is calculated based on kilometers, minutes and a platform fee. Each kilometer is charged at the rate of ₦63 and minute’s ₦19 and 20% of total ride as platform fee. Most of our driver’s community use sedan and has capacity to take 4 riders at a time. You are charge base on the number of seat you occupied. If you occupied a seat, you are charge 1/4 of the total cost of the 4 seats on sedan. That means if a trip cost: of ₦63 Kilometer + ₦19 minute + 20% platform fee= ₦10,000, 1 seat will cost       ₦2500 and 2 seats ₦5000.


While we understand the unexpected happens, we expect you to cancel your trip immediately you know you will not be able to make it and inform the driver as soon as possible to help driver gets another rider to cover for the lost seat.


To help our platform runs efficiently and to make sure your rides are not cancelled once your ride is confirmed, we cannot guarantee that you will get refund for cancelled trip. This will help us to make sure drivers are committed to the trip and do not cancelled on you whenever you have important appointment or scheduled you cannot afford to not make.


For every trip, you are advice to chat or message your driver and confirm the best place to be picked-up or dropped-off. Time is very important to our platform efficiency as other riders are relying on us to make a trip exactly the time it was schedule. We will encourage that you arrived 30 minutes before your scheduled trip if you request for shared ride. Driver is only allowed to wait 2 minutes after schedule ride before takeoff to prevent complains from other community riders.


Dyride Management