Dear Driver

Dyride will like to welcome you to our platform. You are essential element to our business, platform and community. At Dyride we see you as family, member of our community and part of our operations. Our goal is to make sure you are doing what you love to do best and to make sure we support you doing it.

Our Service

Our service as you know is to help members of our community, city, state and country get to wherever they want to go, on time and safely. Our rider community believes in us that we can be responsible to make sure we get them to their destination timely and safely and we hold it on you as a driver to help us make these very important parts of our mission every day success.


To meet this primary goal, it’s a must that as a member of our driver community, you do not drink any form of alcohol, smoke any substance that could aid impairment 48 hours before engaging in any trip on our platform. Your life and the lives of our riders are very important to us and we hold you in high esteem to continue to help us deliver trips free of accident.


 While this adventure gives you opportunity to be your own boss, create your own schedule, go on road trip while getting paid, it’s should be taken seriously as a job, profession and career. We expect high level of professionalism in you, by respecting riders, obeying traffic laws and enforcement agency and making sure you have your entire vehicle documents with you at all time while on trip.


On our platform your earning is calculated based on kilometers and minutes spent on the road driving. You are paid 63 Naira for every kilometer and 19 Naira for every minute spent on the road base on Google Map estimation. Technically we do not charge you for making money from our platform for now.


Our platform charges 20% of your total earning from our riders. This is used to pay staff, keeps our platform functioning well and help offset our operational cost.


We expect you to complete all trips posted or all rides accepted. However we understand there could be unforeseen event that could prevent this from happening. We encourage you to cancel as soon as you find out you cannot complete the drip and let the admin know so rides are reassigned to other drivers on the platform.


There will be platform penalty for cancelation if it becomes rampant. You are allowed maximum of 1 cancelation per month on our platform or a 2% cancellation of total ride whichever one is greater. Cancellation is a major disadvantage to our riders and to our operational reliability. A cancelation can greatly affect those who rely on us to get to their destination. If you are not sure of your availability do not post trip or accept rides. You will only be paid for rides completed.


You are expected to be at schedule pickup 5 minutes before pickup time and wait 10 minutes for riders who did not show up on time. After 10 minutes you can proceed to other pickup if it’s shared ride. If its special ride a 4 seats ride by a rider, you should communicate with riders and allowed to wait up to 30minutes for the rider.

We are here for you

On our platform we value all members of our community and we have made it easy for you to communicate with us. You can always communicate with customer service at any time (24/7) of the day. If you are having challenges, please let us know and we will be here for you.

Once again welcome to Dyride we thank you for joining us and look forward to work together to make Dyride great.




Dyride management